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Arctic White Wolf Faux Fur Throw


This pure white throw is every bit as thick and lustrous as the fur of the Arctic white wolf.

Realistic fibres and a super-soft finish, backed with tactile fleece.


Our super-soft white wolf fur throw

Perhaps the thickest and softest of all our throws. Pure white Faux fur backed with super-soft fleece. Perfect for use as a throw, blanket, or bedspread.

Faux fur throws by Fenrir

All our faux fur throws are crafted for a timeless, luxurious feel. Our stunning wolf fur throws will find a home in any room, providing the finishing touches to your interior look. All our throws are 100% cruelty-free.

  • Dimensions: 60″ x 50″ or 80″ x 60″
  • Faux Fur: 100% Acrylic
  • Liner: 100% Polyester
Large Arctic white faux fur throw pile
white wolf

The Arctic White Wolf

A white sub-species of wolf that lives in the arctic – the Arctic White Wolf has lustrous white fur, short nose and small ears that help to maintain their body temperature on the tundra.

In many cultures the White Wolf represents peace, hope, and courage.

Additional information

Weight1.95 kg
Dimensions43 × 33 × 15 cm

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37 reviews for Arctic White Wolf Faux Fur Throw

  1. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Such a quality feeling white throw so soft and luxurious – really over the moon with it thank you!

  2. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Very premium feeling throw. Weightier than I was expecting, very well made.

  3. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Awesome throw thanks will get the Black one next

  4. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Absolutely incredible, soft fur – easily my favourite purchase of the last year (and there have been a few with lockdowns!)

  5. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Really beautiful lush blanket 5*

  6. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Lovely colour and quality. Delighted with my purchase

  7. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Fablulous SOFT throw that oozes luxury. Truly great, I can’t recommend enough – well worth it!!

  8. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Good throw, really well made. I will be buying some more for friends and family this Christmas. Thanks

  9. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Lovely soft feel and weight, big enough to wrap up with on the sofa. Washes really well.

  10. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Absolutely over the moon with my fur throw! Such good quality, beautiful material. Great customer service too, delivery was so fast&communication so easy, perfect for staying cosy over the winter months!

  11. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Lovely throw, nice weight to it and very soft. Been eying this up for a while and very happy with the purchase.

  12. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Great throw, quick delivery- happy with the purchase.

  13. 5

    (37 Previews)

    Gregg J. B

    Very soft I can’t recommend enough

  14. 5

    (37 Previews)

    Antonio M. Trujillo

    Gifted this product to my nephew and he loved it.

  15. 5

    (37 Previews)

    Melissa P. Johnston

    Nice and soft product..Worth Money..

  16. 5

    (37 Previews)


    very good quality

  17. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Very soft and warm.. love the color.. soothing and comfy

  18. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Soft and cosy.

  19. 5

    (37 Previews)


    I bought this throw off the back of the reviews and wow, just wow.
    It’s always difficult buying online but I’ve not been disappointed. It’s thick and very soft. It’s lovely and heavy and plenty big enough.
    I suppose the proof is in the washing to say whether it’s an all rounder so, fingers crossed.

  20. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Using this for a week now, very pleased. Looks really regal

  21. 5

    (37 Previews)


    My kids wanted these blankets for their beds. We love them. So fuzzy, warm and cozy.

  22. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Extremely soft and comfortable

  23. 5

    (37 Previews)


    I fell in love with this blanket. It is so soft and warm. It’s like sleeping in a cloud. Loved it so much that I bought 5.

  24. 5

    (37 Previews)


    I wasn’t expecting it to be as luxurious as it is. I was pleasantly surprised! I’m pretty picky about textures and this blanket is WONDERFUL! It’s heavy and thick. Super soft and has great depth.

  25. 5

    (37 Previews)

    Tanya Reid

    I hesitated to spend this much for a faux fur throw, but truly worth every penny! When I first took it out of the box, I thought, oh it’s nice… then when I unfolded it and fluffed it up a little, draped it on my couch and handled it for a bit, wow! Far superior to any faux fur blanket I’ve ever owned.

  26. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Bought this some time ago and just had to buy another… I fully expect these furs to last many, many years – unlike my polyester blends that eventually look shabby and become dog blankets. My dog is never getting these!

  27. 5

    (37 Previews)

    Paula VDS

    Bought this as a present for my mother in the face of rising energy bills. She loves it. Warm cost and feels high quality

  28. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Purchased 2 of these for our sofas as we have the matching cushions. They are really thick and huge and the pile is remaining in place not flat.
    They might seem expensive compared to cheaper items but honestly these are worth the extra due to the size and quality.
    If you’re looking for snuggly throws to keep you warm over the colder months instead of turning up the heating then don’t hesitate!

  29. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Lovely throw, nice weight to it and very soft. Been eying this up for a while and very happy with the purchase.

  30. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Super soft and cosy, nice and big and has a good weight to it which makes it look and feel really premium. Lovely as a throw on our bed.

  31. 5

    (37 Previews)

    Mrs P

    I bought this for my husband to keep him warm when he is watching TV. It is a good quality product and I got a discount which made it excellent value for money. It is large, very warm and attractive. Buy it!

  32. 5

    (37 Previews)


    This throw not only looks good, but so warm on these cold nights. It is quite heavyweight.

  33. 5

    (37 Previews)


    This throw not only looks good, but so warm on these cold nights. It is quite heavyweight.

  34. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Really pleased with this. It’s soooo soft, weighty and luxurious. A real treat, you won’t regret it

  35. 5

    (37 Previews)


    So comfy. This is definately the most comfy throw I’ve ever bought!

  36. 5

    (37 Previews)

    Rebecca H

    It’s gorgeous! Heavy, super soft and cosy a luxurious throw…the whole family argue about who uses it. Might have to order another!

  37. 5

    (37 Previews)


    Was looking for a fur throw to make covers for my dogs beds as theirs are threadbare. Saw this in the Edinburgh shop but thought a bit expensive to make dog beds with. Having looked everywhere else nothing compared to these so bought one. It is beautiful, so soft and fluffy. The dogs absolutely love their new beds. Need one for myself now.

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